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Cohally is an Independent Manufacturer’s Agency representing manufacturers of critical consumables and other products required to operate any business. We work with a team of agents throughout North and South America. Cohally specializes in Retail – Goods Not For Resale (GNFR).

This is a ground floor opportunity for virtually any manufacturer, for retail internal use, merchandising and consumer products. Our contacts buy everything from hardware to paper clips, packaging to finished goods, branded or private label.

Manufacturers throughout the world with ample capacity for any product group used at retail and purchased by their Not for Resale or Indirect Procurement departments are encouraged to contact us.

We rarely close contracts for manufacturers less than US $1M annually and often close multi-year contracts in the tens of millions. We primarily focus on the top retailers in North America, with a strong base in the top 10. Our target categories are the critical consumables all retailers must purchase.

Our sales agreements are designed to build long term relationships mutually beneficial to both companies, by account or by region. Inquiries are held in the strictest confidence. We encourage you to contact us at +1 813-993-4100 or Email us at A simple Mutual Non-Disclosure is embedded below for download.

Immediate Opportunities:

Label and Shelf Marking

Contracts ranging from US $5M to $25M per year, multi-year.

Receipt Papers

Contracts ranging from US $2M to $35M per year, multi-year.

E-Mail Executed Mutual Non-Disclosure to We will execute and return back promptly.