Bring Value to our Customers

Exceeding Expectations

Consistent with the vision and values of the company, we partner with the very top tier of manufacturers. We require manufacturers to have in place a thorough QMS (Quality Management System) certified with an ISO 9001 standard. Each manufacturer represented is inspected on site by a Cohally representative.

We retain the very top salespeople, we do not put caps on income. No constantly evolving compensation plans. If you’re the best, your income is limitless. You are our most valuable asset, and you will always be treated as such.

Retaining the best salespeople has the immediate benefit of selling to the worlds largest buyers. Our teams have relationships built over decades and trust and respect only time can earn.

Manufacturers, Salespeople and, Customers, allow us to take you there.

Blaise Collura
CEO & Founder

Dedicated Teams

Our teams involved in any project will have a dedicated local, highly experienced Account Manager, a Technical Sales Engineer and an inside Major Account Specialist.

Global Supply Chain

We represent manufacturers all over the world. We bring domestic and global solutions in fulfilling our mission; Bring Value to Our Customers.

True Partners

We understand the balance of price and value. Our relentless approach to bring the best of both to our customers is what keeps us on top.

Focus On Innovation

The last decade has built a foundation that will revolutionize every aspect of our lives. Let us show you ways for your department to evolve, and take advantage of this revolution.

Driven By Values, Delivering On A Vision.