No Caps, No Quotas – No Kidding

Unlimited Income

We retain top salespeople active in our product groups. We do not put caps on income. No constantly evolving compensation plans. If you’re selling more and more each year, your income is limitless.

We seek Account Managers that maintain and control a minimum of $10M in annual revenue within our core competencies of paper products and labels, in particular for use at the nations largest retailers and Fortune 100 companies or for resale at Tier One Distributors.

Any communications will remain strictly confidential. In fact, we ask that you sign a mutual non-disclosure which may be downloaded below. We will return it quickly, executed by our company. 

Upon the mutually executed non-disclosure, we ask that you send your resume to, or you may contact Blaise Collura, on a direct line at 813-993-4105.